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Kat also makes short films of various kinds. Her passion started over the pandemic when it was impossible to create theater in person. She directed and edited two shows during 2020 and went on to get a film minor at Brandeis. Below are some of her videos, as well as show promotional videos where she was either interviewed or performing.

Short Films

Eggsistential Crisis

Kiwibot Documentary 

Other World 

Full Show Recordings

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

Directed, costumed, produced, music directed, and edited by Kat Lawrence.

Edited also by Garrett Tordo

Starring: Emma Johnston, Talia Jacobson, Elizabeth Hillard,

Rebecca Perlmutter, Paige Mandia, and Rebecca Rich.

10,9, Too Late, Blast off!

Written By Nate Ritishev

Directed by Kat Lawrence

Costumed by Anna Kehoe

Stage Managed by Maggie Hastings

Sound Design by Addison Antonoff

Editor and Multimedia Creator Vicente Cayuela

Promotional Videos

Romeo and Juliet Promo

The Bacchae Trailer

Orlando Costume Interview

Orlando Trailer

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