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Costume Designs

Kat enjoys all parts of the design process, from researching, to collaborating, to traditional and digital drawings, to purchasing, and building from scratch. Her designs are bold and larger than life, but always take into account the comfort and performance of the actors. Below you will find selected galleries of recent work.

By Virginia Woolf
Adapted by Sarah Ruhl

Brandeis University 

Director: Steven Bogart

Scenic Design: Baron Pugh

Lighting design: Jeff Adelberg

Sound Design: Aubrey Dube

Costume Design: Kat Lawrence

Dramaturg: Jason Frank

Stage Manager: Shelby Art

Ast. Stage Manager: Payton Gunner

Spanning over six centuries of time and meeting a colorful cast of fictional and historical characters, Orlando was Kat's senior thesis where she explored gender through historical research and juxtaposed elements with modern fashion. Kat received highest honors for her work as well as the Fisher Award for Achievement in the arts.

Photographed by Michael Lovett

Incels and Other Myths 
By Ally Sass

New York Theater Festival

Director: Jamey Miller

Prop Designer: Jamey Miller

Production Manager: Alex Duncker

Costume Design: Kat Lawrence

Photographed by Paul Fox 

Million Dollar Quartet 
By Colin Escott and Floyd Mutrux

Firehouse Center for the Arts

Director: Tom Alsip

Stage Manager: Natalya Salvati

Music Director: Justin Knowlton

ASM: Mary Sapp

Scenic Design: Rachel Burke

Lighting Design: Malcom Foster

Costume Design: Kat Lawrence

Prop Design: Julia Warren

Sound Design: Justin Knowlton

A2: Annie Ketcham

Photographed by Tim Gurczak

John Deserves to Die 
By Rachel Greene

Fresh Ink Theater 

Director: Regine Vital

Dramaturg: Hannah Levinson

Stage Manager: Melee Lee

ASMs: Lily McCollum and Susana Noto

Scenic Design: Victoria Rojo

Lighting Design: Isaak Olson

Costume Design: Kat Lawrence

Prop Design: Victoria Hermann

Sound Design: James Cannon

Fight/Intimacy Coordinator: Margaret Clark

Photographed by Paul Fox 

Director: Bryn Boyce

Scenic Design: Justin Lahue

Lighting Design: Amanda E. Fallon

Sound Design: Ted Kearnan

Costume Design: Kat Lawrence

Props Design: Liz Ramey

Stage manager: Lisette van den Boogaard

Asst. Stage Managers: Kendra Waugh and Ty Ruwe

Fight Choreographer: Jess Meyer

Special Thank You to Brooke Stanton

Romeo and Juliet
By William Shakespeare

Commonwealth Shakespeare

Photographed by Gillian Gordon

Photographed by Tim Gurzak 

Into the Breeches!
By George Brant

The Hub Theater

Director: Bryn Boyce

Scenic Design/TD: Justin Lahue

Asst. Scenic Designer- Julia Wonkka

Lighting Design: Talia Elise

Sound Design: Ted Kearnan

Costume Design: Kat Ellen Lawrence

Props Design: Sara Kenny

Stage manager: Kelsey Whipple 

Asst. Stage Manager: Kendra Waugh

Dramaturg :Julie-Anne Whitney

Six Characters in Search of an Author 

By Luigi Pirandello

Weston Drama Workshop

Director: Tristan Burke
Lighting/Projection Design: Kyle Stamm
Scenic Design: Nick Oberstein
Costume Design: Kat Lawrence
Hair/Make-Up Design: Michelle Moran
Props Design: Anika Reichelt
Stage Manager: Josie Cooper

Photographed by ASA Photography


By William Shakespeare

Commonwealth Shakespeare 

Director: Regine Vital

Assistant Director: Arielle Greenspan

Stage Manager: Cassie LaBeau

Costume Designer: Kat Lawrence

Photographed by Nile Scott Studios 


By Sarah Ruhl

Brandeis University 

Director: Haia Bchiri

Stage Manager: Cynthia Menna

Costume/ hair Design: Kat Lawrence

Makeup Design: Haia Bchiri

Set Design: Jacob Bers

Lighting Design: Jacob Bers

Props Design: Kat Lawrence 

Ass Props: Rachel Greene

Photographed by Noah Zeitlin 


By Steven Schwartz

Brandeis University 

Director: Nate Ritishev

Music Director: Milo Rosengard

Lighting Design: Jacob Bers

Set Design:Jacob Bers

Costume/Hair Design: Kat Lawrence

Props Design: Monica Stamler

Stage Manager: Melanie Charwat

Photographed by Yuran Shi


By Tom Stoppard

Brandeis University 

Director: Sarah Salanger-Mullen

Set Design: Jacob Bers

Lighting Design: Noah Mark 

Costume Design: Kat Lawrence

Props Design: Monica Stamler

Stage Manager: Melanie Charwat

Photographed by Clara Alexander

Costume Sketches

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